Electric Motor Testing

NDT Services Group provides condition monitoring and inspection services for business critical high voltage and low voltage electric motors and generators to complement and enhance customers existing preventative maintenance strategies.

NDT Services Group utilise a combination of applicable on-line tests, off-line tests and visual inspections to assess and determine the condition of motors and generators. Tests and inspections are usually carried out for:

  • Assessing winding condition
  • Asessing remaining winding life
  • Assist in prioritising maintenance
  • Commisioning and warranty requirements
  • Determination of the root cause of a service failure

Current testing and inspection services available include:

  • Symmetry tests
  • Polarisation index
  • AC & DC Hipot
  • Temperature corrected insulation resistance
  • Rotor inductance mapping
  • AC / DC voltage drop tests
  • Dielectric dissipation factor test
  • Power analysis
  • Off-line partial discharge testing
  • On-line partial discharge testing
  • Demodulated current analysis
  • Eccentricity analysis
  • Current in-rush
  • Current spectrum analysis
  • On-line DC motor analysis

Comprehensive reports with recommendations are produced which present the results of the testing, the trending of the data over time and the results of visual inspections in a manner which allows for the interpretation of the data to identify any existing or potential failure mechanisms.